how can i do it
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watchingcollegefooballinbahiafilter: I'm gonna be in salvador brazil this saturday, which is nice obviously. but i really would like to watch my wolverines fucking crush OSU. anyone got some advice on how i might do this? maybe a bar or something? there's nothing more inside.
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Do you have a computer and internet? TVUnetworks would be a good start. Go Blue.
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well i could have internet if it was gonna allow me to watch the game. this thing seems neato, but its mad slow (to the point it could be worse than not watching the game), plus i don't see abc listed, and that's what the game's on.
thanks though. anyone else?
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I live in Salvador, and as far as I know the internet is your only option. I know people who have gone so far as to have people in North America put a webcam in front of their tv so they can watch games. Sorry.
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I wish I could recall the name of the device, but essentially, you hook it up to your cable, then it feeds to the internet, and allows you essentially watch tv as if you're at home.

If you're madly desperate, find the device, find a friend, and get near a broadband connection.
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You can purchase the ability to watch a broadcast of the game online through ESPN GamePlan. A weekly subscription is $21.95.

One caveat: they say that if they cannot positively identify you as using an international connection, you may be subject to domestic blackout restrictions. It's still your best option, though.

Go Blue!
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