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question about photoshop, help !

hello there , its mr fanboy here , i have two pictures , one is of a glasgow rangers top and the other is a farmfoods logo , i want to know how i use photoshop to make rangers look like they are sponsored by farmfoods , whci for those of you outside the uk , is , in my opinion an extremely poor company.
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Sorry, but the only real answer to your question is "learn". Not meaning to snark, but there's no useful short answer.
You need to learn how to make selections and work with layers, basically.
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try this tutorial on merging 2 images, or this one, or google photoshop merge images
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fanboy, both of amberglow's links are good, but if I understand you, you're trying to do something simpler than the first and more complicated than the second.

If you have the logo surrounded by a single color (e.g. white), this is simple. Use your magic wand to select the background color (adjusting the tolerance so that it comes right up to the edges of the logo), then choose Select - Inverse so you now have the logo selected. Copy that and paste it on top of the spot on the Rangers top where it would appear. Use Edit - Transform - Scale to resize this layer (Layer 1) so that it covers the real logo (if it doesn't, go back to that layer (background) and use the smudge tool to push the borders of the real logo inward). That in itself will do a crude job of it, and will suffice for a Fark-level commentary. The technique comes in shading, distorting (also in Edit - Transform) and otherwise massaging the logo so that it matches the spot where it's appearing and looks like it's part of the reality of the other picture. That's something, as signal said, you just gotta learn.

Remember that your final step is to Flatten Image (in the Layers menu) and then save as a JPEG.

Hope this helps.
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Response by poster: i'll try that , thanks !
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sgt., why aren't you playing on sportsfilter if you're a 'Gers fan?
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Response by poster: i am most certainly not a rangers fan.
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