Where in South Carolina can I learn how to be a good Graphic Designer?
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Are there any good graphics design schools in South Carolina?

Recently, I graduated from college with a degree in business. This, I have come to realize, may have been a mistake. I've discovered that the parts of my job that I really enjoy are the occasions where I work with Photoshop and other graphics design tools.

So I searched on Metafilter and through it discovered the Graphic Design Certificate Program from the Massachusetts College of Art. This looks like a near-perfect program for me--it's designed for people who have graduated from college with degrees other than Graphic Design. In particular, the portfolio classes, where you work on a portfolio that's reviewed by actual graphic design professionals at the midpoint and at the end of the program, look helpful.

Basically, the program assumes that you have a basic understanding of the tools involved--Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator--and teaches you how to be a designer rather than how to use the tools.

The main problem that I have is that I am not a resident of Massachusetts. Students from out of state are forced to pay an additional $4,000/semester (!!) in addition to the normal room/board/tuition for in-state students. Frankly, I can't afford that.

All of that to say: Is there a similar program offered by a reputable school in the state of South Carolina? Is there a better way to learn how to be a designer than through a university program?
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I don't know your location or if you are looking for an actual degree or just a certificate, but it appears that most SC state community colleges offer Associates/Certificate programs in graphic design.
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My friend, who is an excellent graphic designer and illustrator thinks the most important thing an Art program can do is help you build a solid portfolio, and that the art & design departments at state schools are perfectly capable of doing that (he has his BA from the state cow-college). This isn't to say that there aren't advantages to going to a top tier design school, but that doesn't sound like what you are after.

I'd look at what is available from your state or community colleges and not worry too much about an "Art school," especially the private for-profit variety (not that the example you listed is a a private for-profit).
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An ex-boyfriend of mine got a degree in graphic design from Winthrop. It was an undergrad degree, but they have an MFA in Art and Design. I remember his program had a heavy art component to it, which was really tough but helped him learn the design stuff better. He told me it was the best place in SC for graphic design (this was about 10 years ago) but I don't know if that's really the case or not.
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This link might be more helpful: http://www.winthrop.edu/artdesign/viscom.htm
Overall the info is pretty sparse.

Also, you're close enough to Charlotte that you can get some cool internships or post-graduation jobs.

Clemson seems to have some programs that might fit your need but doesn't quite fit the bill of what you're probably looking for.
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