Video Arcades in Pittsburgh?
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Is there a good place to play coin-op video games in Pittsburgh, PA?

I moved here a few months ago from Buffalo, NY. Whenever I got the itch to play video games I would usually hop up to Niagara Falls as they still had a few good, large arcades with great selection of games. (Bottom floor of the Skylon Tower)

Is there anywhere in the Pittsburgh area that may have a nice collection of video games that I can drop way too many quarters at?
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Dave and Buster's, at the Waterfront.
posted by kcm at 10:14 AM on November 12, 2006

Games N'At, in the South Side Slopes. (They're on Josephine, just above the railroad tracks. Last I heard they were pay-by-the-hour and BYOB.)
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The Beehive has a few good pinball machines in the back, and there's an annual national pinball tournament held in Pgh every year.
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Dave and Buster's, at the Waterfront.

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omg, meetup?!
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Technically D&B isn't coin-op since they use cards. But, if you go, call ahead of time and ask when power hour is - that means you can play all the games you want in an hour for $10. Fun Stuff.
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