iPod Nano 2G Case Options
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I just got a second-generation iPod Nano as a gift, and I want an inexpensive-yet-functional case for it, that will protect it from damage.

Though there have been a number of questions on iPod cases and armbands, I haven't found anything specifically about cases for the new Nano.

First, perhaps my first question ought to be, will cases designed for the first-generation Nano fit the 2G perfectly? There seem to be a lot of cases for the original models, and fewer for the newer ones, and the ones for the newer model are (naturally) significantly more expensive. But since the first-gen ones seemed to scratch just from looking at them wrong, I feel like I need a case before I start bringing it to the gym.

There isn't a shortage of cases available, in fact there are practically so many options that I don't know how to choose, or separate the quality from the crud. I'm not interested in making a fashion statement here (so no hand-sewn leather or iron-on pockets here); price and functionality are paramount, looks are a distant third. I need something that will protect the iPod, including its screen, but not keep me from listening to it and charging it / plugging stuff into the Dock Connector. Something that could be used in various configurations (arm band, belt clip, etc.) would be neat.

I would prefer not to spend more than $20, unless there's some really compelling reason to. I could afford it if necessary, it just seems extravagant and overpriced to pay more than that for what most of the cases seem to be.

In my Googling, I've found a few things that look interesting, but nothing perfect. This Digg article contained links to several, including this slick Lexan job, which is a no-go because it blocks the Dock/charging connector. If a case for a 1G Nano would fit the 2G well, this aluminum case is tempting, but I'm leery of getting something that's not designed for the right model, as any extra space could cause the iPod to rattle around inside the case and scratch.

Does anyone else out there with a 2G Nano have a case that they like, and they don't feel was a rip-off?
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If what you are looking to do is protect it from scratches, you might look at skins instead of cases. I have used several from DecalGirl.com and liked them quite a bit. You can get both skins and screen protectors there, they are easy to apply, and keep the player safe from any scratching.

I can't recommend any particular cases (I use the lanyard headphones and am very happy with it), but I can tell you that there is absolutely no difference in size and shape between different memory sizes of the same model. I.E. - the 1G second generation Nano is shaped exactly like the 2G second generation Nano. There is a difference in shape between the first and second generations, though. The first generation has flat edges all around with rounded corners, whereas the second generation has rounded left and right edges and flat top and bottom edges. Also, the exact location of the dock/charging connector and headphone jack is different between first and second generation Nanos. I had to get a new lanyard when I upgraded because the old one would not fit the second generation player.

Good luck.
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I have a silicone skin on my video iPod. It does what it was intended to do: deter small splashes and minor bumps and keep the surface nice. It doesn't cover the screen, so I had to add a see-through plastic stickum for that. Adding the stickum was a pain. I'm contemplating upgrading to a specific model of Lexan case with built-in silicone sleeve for some serious bash-proofness.

Here's what I've learned from studying up on iPod cases: cheap plastic cases scratch easily, and most of them don't cover the click wheel. Almost all Lexan cases can require plug adaptors if you're using any headphones besides Apple's, so take that cost into account. Assume any case is specific to the model advertised. Plastic and metal cases effectively prevent the Nano from snapping if it's twisted or stepped on, and most metal cases that don't add significant weight are going to dent easily. Most silicone skins are dust magnets and most of the cheaper ones fail to protect the click wheel or screen.

The best place to start your research is iLounge and the iLounge user forums. iLounge has a multitude of accessory reviews, searchable by iPod model, and whatever hasn't been written up there has probably been tried by somebody in the forums.
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My cheap case has left me with scratches--I wish I had gotten a skin.
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I have an iFrogz case for my iPod Video, and I really like it. It has an easy-to-remove band (kind of like one of those rubber bandy bracelets, but with a hole for the headphones) that covers the dock connector when not in use, so you don't have to take it out of the case to get to it.

iLounge gave it an A-.
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