Keep me from stealing Waffle House Plates!
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Much like the question a couple hits below...anyone know how the purchase a Waffle House dinner set? Plates, bowls, coffee cups with the Waffle House logo?
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Give em a call 1-877-9-WAFFLE, looks like they sell clothing through RealTree. CLASSY! eBay has some stuff, you could probably put together a set over time, but I'm sure that'll be just a slower form of indirect theft.
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For what it is worth, my (girlfriend at the time now) wife told Waffle House staff about my WH obsession and they found it quite novel. They made up a name badge with my name on it, gave her a cook's hat, visor, menu, coffee mug, buttons, and more crap that was fun to have around for a while. She brought it back to Chicago when her internship was done. Yay.

Clearly YMMV, but if you find the right set of employees, you might be able to score.
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Have you just tried asking? Waffle Houses obviously have to buy their stuff from somewhere. I can't imagine that a restaurant owner would MIND you wanting to buy a set of plates. At least you're not stealing them!
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Do the plates, etc. have a manufacturer's logo on the bottom? If so, try calling the manufacturer directly. They may have an outlet with seconds available for purchase.
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