Is There a Cultural Meaning Behind Pig Paraphernalia in Jewish Households?
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Odd question: In high school, I went to the house of a Jewish friend. The kitchen was completely decked out with pig paraphernalia, which kind of surprised me, given kosher living and whatnot. In the grumble grumble years since then, I've met a couple of other folks that have seen similar motifs in Jewish kitchens. Is there a reason behind this, or is it just random decorating?
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Just random decorating.
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Random, reactive decorating, I'd suggest. Doubtful that a household decorated in piggy motif is kosher, though. Even if their food is, there aren't many rabbis who would suggest that multiple images of treif are acceptable.
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it is weird tho--we're more of a cow and chicken people, I think ; >
And i'm sure they didn't keep kosher--most of us here don't.
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Life is steeped in irony.
Moreon the way...
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Random, reactive decorating, I'd suggest.

I have celiac disease, otherwise known as being gluten-intolerant, otherwise known as being allergic to wheat and products that contain wheat, especially doughy glutinous ones like pizza and bread and cookies. And my kitchen is decorated with tons of Pillsbury Doughboy memorabilia: cookie jar, napkin holder, salt and pepper shakers, spoon rest, dishwashing soap dispenser, many fridge magnets...

Sometimes people are just sick freaks. :-)
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Some Russian Jews eat pork.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the info, everyone. Not quite as exciting and sexy an answer as I was hoping for (whatever the hell that means, anyways) but now my mind can dwell upon other banal topics.
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