Rock Island Glassware and China: Where to find?
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Where do I find (to buy) a complete set of glassware and china used on the Rock Island Railroad (50s-60s time period). Authentic, not fake or reproduced?
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I would try which sells just about every china pattern ever. Is this it? They don't have that one in stock, but might be able to talk to you about where to look, if nobody else here has good ideas.
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Here's the Railroad Commissary, which seems to have some items.

At the Railroadiana boards, there seems to be someone else (or you?) looking for the same thing. (listing in "Wanted, to Buy" section Oct 21,2006)

Obviously check eBay routinely, although they don't seem to have anything at the moment.
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A Google search on "railroad china" brings up some links that might be helpful.
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I've seen railroad china at P.O.S.H in Chicago. Worth calling them to see what they have in stock and what they can get.
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You might try:


It's a huge store, almost a whole city block, just across the river from Rock Island.
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