Postfix Fix?
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I installed OS X 10.3.2 from scratch on my Imac and it works great. Then I enabled Postfix using "postfix enabler" and I was receiving email and it was a glorious moment.

However, during my attempts to enable procmail, I broke something and even reverting to the backed up postfix config files won't fix it, nor will re-running postfix enabler.

Can I restore Postfix to its pristine state without reinstalling 10.3, or can I reinstall 10.3 and retain all of the stuff I installed using Fink?

Many thanks. I would ask this question on a newsgroup, but that postfix crew are a bunch of meanies.

In retrospect, this question is probably a little too narrow for this forum.
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Response by poster: In case someone googles this thread:

I checked /var/log/mail.log and saw I was getting relay access errors. So I edited so it looked like:

mydestination = $myhostname,,

And now it has received one email I sent myself from Yahoo.
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It's been a while since I was l33t at postfix, but I recall there being some simple solution so you didn't have to explicitly specify each user.
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