Christmas gifts, Don't know what to get.
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I need help; it's getting time for Christmas shopping and I've never been able to get good gifts. Details inside.

I'm looking to get about 6 people gifts: mom and dad, brother, 2 of my best friends (they're girls, i'ma guy) and one of the girl's 4 year old.

For my parents, they've just had my brother and I finish undergrad, so although both of us have been out of the house, my brother is getting into the real world and may be moving out; I'm 2 states away in med school, so I'm not home--already they've gotten poodles. So I was thinking something that let's them know they're getting old. Something that they could use together though. My brother--he's mechanical, just finished a automechanic's college in Nashville--so something symbolic of going into the real world . . . .

Here's the hard part: something for my best friends. First off--the four year old boy. Something loud and that will annoy the hell outta his mom (she'll love me all the more for it).

The girls, one just finished college, the other just started grad school (and will soon be going into med school). They've been my best friends for about the past 5 years, although we don't always get along at times. So other than bottles of Midol or something of the sorts for the both of em, I have no clue what to do this year. The 4 year old's mother works almost every day of the week, and the other can't get her nose out of the books.

Help me Hivemind! please remember though--I'm on a budget (school loans, ugh). Thanks
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4-year old ideas:

A drum set. Toy drum sets aren't expensive and can be found at places like Target or Walmart. Used to have one, but just had to say goodbye.

Toy electric guitar. My boys have one, and it drives me nuts. They love it though.

A boombox. Drives me batty when I don't want to hear the Shrek 2 soundtrack again for the millionth time and my boys do. They tote it into the living room while I am reading or relaxing. I bought them a CD player/boombox from Walmart for 25 bucks and they love it. If the 4-year old is a girl, get her a Disney Princess Songs CD or something. That should be extremely annoying.

For your parents:

So I was thinking something that let's them know they're getting old.

Ouch. What a loving son you are. :-)

A juicer and a book like this.

A self-help book on empty-nest syndrome.

A Cozy Cuddler fleece blanket for each of them. You snap yourself into like a cocoon. Or fleece bed jackets. Old people are always cold.

Ice cream delivery from Schwan's.


Something practical and useful for his new place. Like a box of dishes or new fluffy towels.


Barnes and Noble gift card.

Spa gift cards for manicures or pedicures.

Nice travel mugs with a bag of gourmet coffee.

A bottle of wine with a custom-made CD of songs they enjoy or remind you of times together.

Movie vouchers.
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Pardon me, I re-read that the four-year old is a boy.
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thanks, love those ideas--especially the minature drum set
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I bought a 4 in 1 Emergency LED Flashlight, Cell Phone Charger, FM Radio, & Rescue Siren at Super Cool Products for my 72 hour Emergency pack, and was so pleased with the build and sturdiness of the product, I bought four more for family members for Christmas. They also throw in a really handy glove duster with every purchase.
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For your friends, make them chokers or bracelets using these beads.
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