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Why when I add a bookmark now in Firefox 2.0 does it add it with no title?

Let me try to state it more clearly. Since I've updated to Firefox 2.0 whenever I add a favorite, despite having a title, it will add it with no title. You click add, the box comes up with the automatic title, click add and it seems like nothing happens. Click cancel and look in favorites, there's a bookmark with no title. It will get you back to the website when you click on it (so the actual link is working) but it's not registering the titles anymore. You have to go name them manually.

Help help plz? TIA, you Firefox gurus and apologies if this is as easy as fix as I'm afraid it will be.
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I use FireFox 2.0. When at a site that I want to bookmark I just click on "Bookmark" at the top. A window drops down shoing the site name, etc. I can't imagine it not showing a bookmark name for you. You can type in a name of your choice when the window shows up. But in my case it shows the site name. Maybe reinstall it?
posted by JayRwv at 12:46 PM on November 10, 2006

I'm not using 2.0 yet, so I can't test this - but does this thread help?
posted by niles at 12:54 PM on November 10, 2006

Start Firefox in safe mode and see if you encounter the same problem. I'm willing to bet it's some extension screwing things up.
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