Identify this sample: vocal dialogue on DJ Shadow's 'Stem/Long Stem'
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Obscure song question: On DJ Shadow's first full length album, there's a song called Stem/Long Stem. About halfway through he samples some tv show or movie or record with a man talking about being taken to jail for parking tickets or something. DJ shadow doesnt list who this is in the liner notes. Would anyone possibly know where this originally came from?
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It's from a Murray Roman recording called Freedom.
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According to this page, it's from a comedy recording by Murray Roman, which turns out to be a track called "Freedom" from his album Busted.

Found it by Googling: "now they lock me up" +movie and then "Murray Roman" +Freedom.
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Although it doesn't have this specific sample listed, the Top Sample Sources List is a good first start to tracking down samples.
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No help from me, though when I saw him at the SF Fillmore, he did actually screen the film from which he pulled the whole "well, hello there little buddy, is that your dog?" bit. Not that it explained anything to me.
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He did the same in Edinburgh too. I always thought the OPs sample was Elliot Gould. there you go
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On another sampling note, I watched "the Dark Crystal" a few weeks ago and found in the movie's intro the near-verbatim intro to Crystal Method's "the power of their source" opening for "Trip Like I Do" (Vegas). What's strange is that it's not verbatim, and the voice is a little different. So it isn't a sample from that movie, exactly. Anyone know the story behind this sample?
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For a comprehensive listing of DJ Shadow's samples, done at the grass-roots level (i.e. not endorsed by DJ Shadow himself), you would have to subscribe to the DJ Shadow Samples mailing list to get the URL of the website, since it changes weekly.
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Thanks for asking this! I'd long been curious about those samples as well.
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Response by poster: thanks a lot guys
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