Please help ID these fungi
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Mycology: My dear bride would like to know what these mushrooms are.

To quote her:

"These mushrooms were found under a cedar tree. The photo is pretty true to the real color (on my screen, anyway). There have never been mushrooms in this area of the yard before. The cedar tree is huge.

"These are just about 1-2 feet or so in from the drip line. Two horses live in a pasture just 2-3 yards away. Raccoons, squirrels, and deer are in the area frequently. The location is on the Quimper Penisula in Washington State."
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Geastrum coronatum?
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Best answer: Some more info, however I have no idea on the exact species, definitely some sort of Earthstar though.
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Best answer: Yes, an earthstar. G. coronatum would fit if it's spore sack sits on a little stalk (you can't really tell from the photo).

The Roger's mushroom website is another excellent resource if you want to investigate further.
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Best answer: A fungus site with focus on the PNW:
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I wonder about it being an Astraeus of some sort. It looks a little like A. pteridis, but for the veins on the ... whatever those things are.
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they are clearly some sort of tentacular woodland octopoid. run!!!
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Response by poster: Mrs. Maxwelton says thanks mucho!
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