Match the Movie with the House
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Help! What movie was filmed in this house pictured in the latest issue of The Atlantic?

On page 136 of the November 2006 issue of The Atlantic there's a photo of a famous angular house with large floor-to-ceiling picture windows that looks down onto L.A. The caption lists it as a photo of Case Study House No. 22, by Julius Shulman. I'm able to recall a movie was filmed there, something where the star was shot but ducked the bullet and rolled down the hill.

Or I could just be blathering. Could someone please put me out of my misery?
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Here's the picture.
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Charlies Angels?
posted by Papa Mango at 11:50 PM on November 9, 2006

Good luck with that -- the house, also known as the Stahl House, has been continually rented out by its owners as a shooting location for more than 40 years.
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I don't think my answers are correct but the building is similar to ones, in my poor memory, used in North By Northwest and The Limey... though your glass/roll down hill thing makes me think of They Live.
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Is it possible you were thinking of another vertiginously cantilevered glassy classic, Richard Neutra's Lovell House (1929)? It has been seen in, among other films, L.A. Confidential.
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I think now it might have indeed been Charlie's Angels. Normally I'm good at this sort of thing, but that picture just raised all these associations I couldn't place. Thanks MeFites.
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Charlie's Angels for sure. Drew Barrymore's character gets shot at, dodges the bullet in slowmo, then crashes through the window.
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Three episodes of Columbo!
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On seeing the picture, my initial thought was Brian de Palmer's Body Double, but it turns out that was actually somewhere else altogether. Your description also sounds a bit like a scene in Get Shorty where the guy crashes off the balcony - can't readily find a location for that one though.
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I think it was also the dinner-party scene in Mulholland Drive?
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My first thought was also Mulholland Drive, you beat me to it loiseau!
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When I first saw the picture in the Atlantic I though of Mulholland Drive and The Limey. Can't confirm either.
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a bazillion movies, commercials, photographers have shot there. it even showed up in 'heat', although it's not obvious. could probably help you, perhaps as well. there is an architectual or historical society that does tours every now and then around the building, though you cannot go inside.
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here is the google map to the stahl house

you could search's filming locations for 1636 Woods Dr, Los Angeles, CA
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Man, in my dreams I live in that house, though I think I'd get a little freaked out by just...hanging out in space.
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