Do those bead car-seat covers work?
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Do those wooden-bead car seat covers you see taxi drivers using (at least in NYC) really work? Are they comfortable for long drives?
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They let air circulate underneath you, so it's a good solution if you have to deal with nasty vinyl seats in the middle of summer (for example). Aside from special situations like that one, the comfort they provide is no better or worse than the standard covering of most seats. IMO, of course.
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The taxi drivers here (Australia) swear by them as well. If you have ever sat in one, you would know that it feels like you are sitting on a bed of nails, but apparently they get more comfortable after a while.
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If you wear shorts they can, um, pinch you.
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My parents used to have two of them before I graduated from HS and left for college. I did a couple of long drives with them, and I didn't find them all that comfortable — in fact, sometimes noticeably uncomfortable. I also noticed that my parents didn't move the things to the new car that they bought the summer after my freshman year.

YMMV, of course. Also, with respect to Galvatron's comment, the seats were not vinyl and the summers weren't all that hot. (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada — average summer days get up to 80°F or so, and very little humidity.)
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justgary is right; I failed to mention that the beads absolutely suck when wearing shorts.
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Let's rephrase your question:

Why are NY taxi drivers such paragons of good posture, excellent stress-management, and fine back-muscle tone? Could it be those seat covers they're using?
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Absolutely, and, as a bonus, you can play solitaire on their bums when they get out...

(I had one, didn't like it, got rid of it).
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This may be a clue to your answer:
Saw a tip regarding floors where one would stand for a length of time. It was suggested an uneven surface beneath your feet would be more comfortable. As the foot's muscles holding up your weight would be working differently through out your foot, rather than all the same way as on an even surface. Why the tiles on my kitchen floor are not leveled to the one's next to them, causing an uneven surface.
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They let air circulate underneath you, so it's a good solution if you have to deal with nasty vinyl seats in the middle of summer (for example).
Since my hint involved different body muscles and remembering vinyl seats, above is your best solution.
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BigCalm, we have bums in the US, but they live in the street. Start using "butt," "ass" or "crap factory," if you please, and we'll promise not to talk about our fanny packs. ;) (/yankfilter)
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I'll back up the comments about shorts - and if you are particularly hirsute it can be painful even changing gear (clutch pedal).

Ohh and a bum is a bum. Customised isn't customized etc etc.. ach potAto, potato.
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hehee. What ever you do without the u in colour, or the i in aluminium eh?

I'm distinctly curious about your fanny pack now though...
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