I need an alternative to NetVibes
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Anyone know of a good alternative to www.NetVibes.com? I need to be able to create tabs and put a list of bookmarks and maybe RSS feeds underneath each tab.

I just started library school and our professor wanted us to use NetVibes.com to create a virtual reference desk. Everyone in the class has discovered bugs with NetVibes and we are trying to find an alternative. For example, you can't put a different list of bookmarks under each tab. Also, we don't want to use tags for organizing bookmarks. So here's what I'm looking for. I need something that works like NetVibes, with tabs that can be labeled with titles like "Government" "News" "Entertainment" "Encyclopedias" "Search Engines" etc. Under each tab, we need to be able to add a list of links and maybe RSS feeds (if possible). Google's new "personalized homepage" now has tabs that can be added, but the problem is that you can only add about 6 tabs. We need to be able to have between 15-30.
It can't require knowing HTML because most of the students don't know how to do that.
Thanks for any suggestions you might have!!
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www.pageflakes.com may (or may not) meet your needs. It can handle multiple tabs, though I'm not sure if it can handle 15-30.

It works OK, though the UI is kinda clunky (adding a new feed to a page takes several steps more than it should, is the main irritation).
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These are two more options in the field of AJAX startpages:

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Much improved over its original release. And it does the tabs.
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oops, i didn't read the whole question.
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I almost hate to recommend this one, considering who's behind it... but it's actually not half bad as RSS start pages go: live.com. And surprisingly enough, it works just fine with firefox.
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If you like everythinge else about it, Lifehacker posted a bookmarklet for adding additional tabs to the Google personalized homepage that looks pretty easy to use.
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