Navingating Masculintiy
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Cynthia Daniels discusses the book she wrote, Exposing Men: The Science and Politics of Male Reproduction on Living On Earth, NPR Have you heard of this important book, what do you think of the interview?
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This post was deleted for the following reason: ask mefi is for questions that can be answered, not for gauging audience opinion or just chatting about random stuff.

I think it is exceedingly probable this post will get deleted
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AskMe questions should have a purpose, goal, or problem to be solved. Open-ended chatty questions that don't offer a problem to be solved are detrimental to the long term usefulness of the site.
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tell me more, pls.
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Response by poster: the writer said that almost every researcher she interviewed for the book had themselves come under heavy attack every time they found a positive association between something and the health of sperm i.e. cigarette smoke.
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I can answer the first part of the question: No, I haven't heard of this important book.
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Best answer: In the words of Strongbad:

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You are mistaken about the purpose of this website.
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