Corner Shelf?
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I'm looking for a shelf (from 3 - 5 feet high) that neatly fills a corner, i.e. it turns at a 90 degree angle. A "Corner Shelf." Either one piece or something in two-peices that would go together without interrupting the flow too much. Anyone know of such a shelf set? Hopefully from a national brand available in the S.F. Bay Area?

I'm putting together a tatami / library / altar room and want to continue the flow of books, but in the corner have a little Buddha statue and meditation area that integrates into that and yet holds the space on its own. Does that make any sense? Can IKEA save me? I haven't found anything like what I'm talking about...
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Go to and type "corner" in the search window. There are all sorts of possibilities.
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What amro said. Repeat same search at
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Container Store has a few options also.
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While I've now direct counsel to offer, you might consider asking this of your local Freecycle community. You'd be suprised what folks are looking to lose!
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Response by poster: I'm really looking for something wood and solid that would blend with my other bookcases. But thanks for the ideas so far, I guess Target has some corner TV cabinets that would almost work.
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Is there an Ikea near you? The Billy series has some nice ones that fit in a corner. I have Billy bookshelves, including one for the corner, and I absolutely love them. They're very easy to assemble and pretty sturdy. And not out of this world expensive.
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INTPLibrarian: "Is there an Ikea near you?"

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I looked for the Skandia corner shelving I remembered, on the Container Store site, just now, but didn't see it. You might go looking for it anyway, on that site and elsewhere. It's modular, you can make it work in several heights, and it's solid wood (I love my set).

I wonder if they've discontinued the special corner-join units, though; maybe you could find some used.
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And, in answer to your little question:

wavejumper: "Can IKEA save me?"

I don't think so, at least looking at their online catalog. Their only apparent corner shelf combination that I can find, which is the one INTPLibrarian mentioned, doesn't seem to be available in smaller parts. (I assume from your question that you're looking for a small, single shelf, not a combo that takes up any wall space.)
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But, knowing (and loving) Ikea, it's probably best to go in, as they can tell you what's available, and as lots of things are available modular. I'd try them. It's fun, too.
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Sorry I'm late - try Home Decorators. It is mail order, but they do have literally page after page of corner options in different styles at varying prices. Good luck!
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