Inexpensive teleconference recording.
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Inexpensive Web/Teleconference service with audio recording capabilities?

The company I recently joined uses a service that lets us do monthly "Multimedia Briefings" which are basically powerpoint slides combined with a phone-based teleconference.

In addition to allowing us to advance through slides, the Web interface lets us control the status of those on the phone side.

Currently our service costs a pretty penny to use an 800 number and almost $100 per call to give me an ASF file of the audio in a zip file to download. A little ridiculous.

What do you use? What has been your experience? Cost?

I have looked into recording the calls myself but I'd love a direct-copy service.
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It might require skype by all users (and only up to 5)...

But I found this: Skype + Powerpoint

This was the google search.

I was looking for a new service I came across this week, which was like Flickr for Powerpoint (and yes, you could "group" present)
posted by filmgeek at 10:33 AM on November 9, 2006 is 20 cents per minute per participant plus $25 for the recording and $1/day for storage on their servers. You can download the recording and delete them from the server to save money however.
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Macromedia Breeze lets you host a meeting where you can show presentations, and do audio and video chat. You can record the whole meeting, although you have to visit a website to play it back, rather than just downloading a file. So I'm not sure how well it will work for what you have in mind.

Their pay-per-use plan is $0.32 per minute per user. I've not used it myself to host a meeting, but I've participated in one, and it's pretty slick. The only thing you need on your computer is Flash.
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I use Bigfoot Conferencing. $0.15 per minute/per user for toll-free dial-in or dial-out. Web-conferencing is $0.02 extra per minute per person and includes whiteboard, slide show, or application sharing features.

Audio-recording is for $20 per recording and you can download the recording in mp3 format (the recording info per customer service, I never actually tried recording one).
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