Nobody understands the curly hair...
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I'm looking for a hairdresser in London that specialises in curly hair for my girlfriend.

My poor girlfriend gets all frustrated when hairdressers don't understand how to cut her curly hair -- cutting it as if it were normal hair apparently results in it going all sorts of funny shapes.

Now, given that quite a few people in this world have curly hair, and that you can find everything from Afghan restaurants to converted church pubs in London, isn't there a special hairdresser somewhere for the curly-haired people?
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My friend with very curly hair cannot recommend Mariko at Malishi salon in SE1 highly enough. I got a hair cut from her too and can attest that she does great work with straight hair too. And gives excellent head massages!
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Cory Doctorow's girlfriend recommended "the Japanese stylist" (name I can't recall) at the salon across the street from Fresh 'n' Wild in Notting Hill. I went and he did a great job, but it was really expensive.

I personally went a little cheaper and went to Cuts Too in Islington (near H&I tube) and went to "the guy from New Zealand" (name I can't recall again). He did a fine job as well and was a lot of fun.
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The folks at the forums at Naturally Curly might be able to recommend a good curly hair stylist in London. The site is US based but has a number of folks from the UK that are active contributers too. Good luck to your girlfriend - as a fellow curlyhead, I know how difficult it is to find a good hairdresser.
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The authors of the Curly Girl book have trained stylists around the US on how to cut curly hair. They may have international locations as well. I think the salons are listed in the book... and they may have a website.

I know someone who flies to New York once or twice a year just to get her hair cut by one of their trained stylists.
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