Wii Campout: Gameplan?
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What all should I do to prepare to camp out for a Wii? Anyone else doing the same?

I've pretty much decided that I am indeed going to camp out in front of a Target store in order to get a Wii come November 19th.

Now, I've never done such a thing, and, I'm thinking I *might* be the first in line, so what all would the knowledgeable line-camper-outter bring with them? Is it common knowledge to bring some paper, pencil, and tape to start/post a list? I've made a dry run, and there's at least a covered area right outside the door to perch under.

I don't think I'm going to go as hardcore as bringing a tent, but definitely some sort of chair at least.

Anyone have any stories about any gotchas they ran into on their first experience?

I will be doing this with my wife, so I'll at least have a partner for food runs, etc.

As a bonus: are there any MeFiers out there in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area (I'm in Grapevine) planning on doing the same thing? Anyone anywhere have a gameplan?
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Perhaps you should watch last week's South Park for ideas.

But really, bring water. Call the store and ask what they are going to do about camp outs. Orderly lines can become real chaos as the actual opening approaches. People who waited all night might find themselves too polite to fight off the several hundred people who just rushed the door because they don't care about a line.

A Wal-Mart recently told people that were waiting all night that they weren't honoring the line and that it was first come, first serve. Well, obviously people got hurt.

Good luck.
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Personally, I've never camped out all night, but I have waited in line for a few hours. I'd bring some sort of entertainment, because it can get very boring, very fast. Bring as many chairs as you have people as it's a good way to "save your place". If not, people might think your wife/friend is cutting in line.

If you want to be first, yo might need to get in line now. Sure they're waiting for a PS3, but the Wii sales are only 2 days after.
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Response by poster: @Cog: Yeah, I'll definitely be interested to see how the PS3 launch goes; while there will be far less units, I think it'll still be a good indication of how different stores faired and what the lines were like.

I'm guessing there'd be more fervor for the PS3 since supply is low; then again, since there'll be more Wiis available, that may bring more people out.
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Yeah, there's going to be enough Wiis at launch that a camp-out is not really needed. You should be able to roll up to your Target around 6 am and be pretty safe getting your Wii by 8.

Target's game plan for Wiilease have been, uh, released. They'll be handing out tickets around 7:30 or so. You can (via some ign board searching) figure out how many Wiis your local Target will have.

This is not to say that camping out is a waste. Just something to consider, esp if you have your wife in tow, for your first camping experience.

Because of Thanksgiving travel plans, I won't be too urgent on getting a Wii at launch (I'll swing by Target at like 7 o'clock, any more than 69 people in line, and I shrug and order online). This will be a good launch. Nintendo's looking out for us.
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Quick link to find out how many Wii's your Target will have.
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Definitely bring a DS if you have one, because I'm sure people in line will be playing some rousing games.

I'm doing the same, looking forward to it.
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I'm wondering how this is going to work at my local 24 hour Super WalMart... Can I just chill in the Electronics Department for 8 hours before midnight? I probably can't bring my DS with me... Anyone else planning on line waiting inside of walmart?
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Best answer: Last year my wife, brother in law and I waited for a 360 (well, three). We went to the Wal-Mart (the only retailer within a reasonable distance from us which was going to stock them) late afternoon on the day before launch, just to scope things out. Turns out someone was already there waiting, so we ended up spending the next 6 hours waiting, and Wal-Mart was pretty good about it. They gave us chairs, set up a TV for us to watch and we all sat (the queue formed up fairly fast from that point to about a dozen, or so) and waited for them to give out tickets at 10pm.

It was a much better experience than sitting in the cold all night outside a Target, or Best Buy. I really would recommend considering somewhere that's open 24 hours, if that's an option for you.
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Response by poster: @phatkitten: Thanks for the link. Looks like that'll make for a good source of info.

@robocop: I hadn't seen the Target plan, but I did run across their supposed inventory come launch day, which is partly why I was considering going with them (also because I figure Best Buy/Circuit City/Gamestop will be where most people will go).

@JonnyRotten: I just talked to two Walmarts, and they said they will let people line up/stay in the store, and they'll start handing out systems at 12:01AM Sunday from Layaway.

After talking to Walmart, and seeing jcruden's comment, I'm kinda thinking Walmart's the way to go.

I imagine I'll call both Walmart and Target Saturday morning/afternoon/early evening and see how the crowds look.
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I used to camp out for Grateful Dead tickets, definitely bring a chair, preferably a recliner, blanket, don't forget your pillow... , food, water, thermos of coffee...think about where you'll pee...sometimes early people used to organize a number system for fairness, deadheads were all about fair...and have fun. By the way, what on earth is a Wii?!?! No idea..but hope you get one.
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Best answer: >starfish

A Wii is Nintendo's next-generation gaming console.

The interesting thing is that, it is most analagous to the 'Dead' than the competition (PlayStation 3, XBox 360) - Nintendo is not trying to win on the 'my graphics & CPU's' are better than yours penis measurement contest - but instead on 'having fun' and trying to bring new people into the gaming world with new concepts.

The whole idea of 'Wii' is to bring back the 'wheeeeee' feeling of fun and excitement.

No - I am not a Nintend-ad. I'm just weighing the pro's con's between the consoles myself.
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Response by poster: @jkaczor: You're completely right. Nintendo makes no qualms about the graphics or whatever on its system, it's on par with XBox, although slightly better(?).

But hey, when parents walk into [insert name of retail store] and see the PS3 is gonna cost them upwards of $600 just to get it home, and they're sold out, but there's this other system over here, in stock, and its only $250, which one are they most likely to pick?

I'm simply looking forward to being able to play the old games that I grew up with, and being able to sit down and enjoy playing.
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So, wait, you want a Wii enough that you're willing to camp out, but didn't find some way to pre-order? Or were there just not any stores doing pre-orders near you?

(Just to anger those who "fear" there will be wii purchase difficulties .. I have a pre-order. ;)

But really, from the sounds of it, you won't need to camp out. Well, if there's only one store in town that's selling them maybe...
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Response by poster: Well, at the time Gamestop/Toys R Us were even doing preorders, I knew I wanted one, but not enough to camp out to get a preorder.

Plus, right before I took off work to get married, my coworkers gave me $294, in ones, for "the honeymoon." Of course, I immediately told my wife, "This is going to be for a Wii."

There'll be plenty of stores selling them, so I'm sure it won't be a problem getting one, I just kinda feel like doing the camp out thing, especially since it's a weekend and I'm already off work.
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I agree with snofoam. They'll take you to some museum of science & technology to play it, but first they'll make you hook them up with Richard Dawkins. If you do decide to freeze yourself, at LEAST take along some sort of avalanche rescue transponder so they can find you after Butters' landmarks are swept away.

But seriously, the DS idea is a very good one, especially if you live somewhere there's likely to be other gamers afoot. And whatever you do, don't EVER leave your spot unattended, especially as launch hour approaches.
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Wal-Mart and Target (Or COSTCO don't forget about them) are the way to go this launch. EB, Toys R Us and gamestop are screwing people out of their preorders already.

Bring a chair, a DS or some other type of game. It's usually nice to bring a board/card game that more than just you can play. People will be appreciative for something to do. Food, water, and a buddy if you can. That way bathroom trips are allowable as you've got someone holding your place.

I'm going with the Target/CostCo approach myself. Both stores are literally in the same complex. CostCo is a higher chance of getting one simply because people overlook it (like Sears) and most people aren't members so it's like a level of exclusivity.

I was at 360 launch and had a preorder so 12:10am I got mine last year. This year preorders were insane for ps3 and wii, so that wasn't happening.

GOod luck! Hope we all get one this weekend.
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Told you there might be violence!
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