Who performed this cover of Cher's (ridiculous but awesome) "Belive?"
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Remember Cher's "Believe" from a few years ago ("Do you believe in life after love?") I heard an ironic, great version of it on the radio yesterday. I couldn't find it in the station playlists. It has a male vocalist and uses the same vocodor distortion effect on the chorus as the Cher version. Who is it? (PS, it isn't The Luxury Liners.)
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I'm pretty sure it's not the one you're looking for, but Macha and Bedhead covered the song on the team-up album they recorded, "Bedhead Loved Macha." The melody was played on a phone keypad (!), and was hella ironic, I doubt it's the right one. The iTunes store link is here.
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The Michael The, I've actually been trying to get my hands on that version for a while, but couldn't remember who it was! Thank you.
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Because I'm a pedantic nerd, I just want to point out that that effect isn't a vocoder...it's done with a pitch correction plug-in. Now I can get on with the rest of my life.
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If it was just "Believe" this isn't the right one either but Mark Trevorrow (aka Bob Downe) did a medley on Good News Week that included "Believe" where he achieved a similar effect by running his fingers over his lips at the appropriate moment.

I believe it was only performed live(ish) and not released, but that doesn't mean there isn't a bootleg recording on my iPod out there.
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I've seen Robbie Fulks perform "Believe" before, though I'm not sure he's ever recorded/released the song, but he may have...
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Hmmm - there was also one done by an Aussie female comedy duo @ The Montreal Comedy Festival, they constantly replay it on our Canuckian Comedy channel.

"Do you believe Cher's still alive" - was a catchy version.

But wait, there's more - a whole list of Cher parodies!
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piggybacking: You just reminded me that a few years ago, I heard an acoustic version of "Believe" sung by a man, but have never been able to find it. Any thoughts?
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