Where to get running shoe advice in NY metropolitan area?
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Needed- best running shops in the New York metropolitan area for getting feet (flat) and gait (upright) analyzed and shoes recommended. A place that knows its stuff and isn't going to shove whatever they have the most of in back down my leg. (Or am I being hopelessly naive?) Thanks in advance.
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You aren't being naive. This is what running shops, as opposed to general sports shops, do.

I've never bought shoes in NYC, but I asked this question of a running coach in the city that I know and respect. Here's his answer:

"two shops I recommend - Super Runners, there are a number of them and I usually send people to Third Avenue and 72 Street and tell them to ask for Mike Keohane. The second shop is Urban Athletics on Madison Avenue and 92 Street, Jerry owns that shop"

Both in Manhattan. Best of luck, and go with what feels good on your foot. Obviously people telling you which shoes they like means nothing for what will work for you.
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JackRabbit, in Brooklyn and on 14th street.
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Seconding JackRabbit. That's where my shoes are from, and I've taken three different people there to get fitted. When my friend came in saying her ankles were bothering her and she thought her shoes (which she'd bought there) were shot, they looked at the shoes and asked her about mileage and said the shoes were still fine and it was probably something else. Another friend had a hard-to-fit foot and they let her leave empty-handed rather than push something that wasn't right. They are definitely not going to shove just anything on you.
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I should mention that even though they weren't selling the first friend new shoes, they put her on the treadmill to look at her gait and help her understand why her ankles might be hurting.
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Thirding Jackrabbit- I went to the one in Brooklyn and they not only watched me on the treadmill but videotaped me running on it so I could see the difference in my ankle position in about 6 pairs of shoes. Very patient and professional, and I am happy with my shoes.
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fourthing Jackrabbit. They were very patient with an old lady there that just wouldn't give up on trying on shoes. I think she literally tried on every shoe they had. I was impressed. And also had my own good experience.
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It's sounding like Jackrabbit's the man. Many thanks to all. (Including any who add to what is already here.)
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