Help me set up an online diary study
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Can anyone suggest a simple and free application that will allow me to set up an online diary study?

I am looking to set up an online diary study in which multiple users will be able log-in to their private diary on a weekly basis and document their ongoing experience with a few products.

The diary would need to be pre-formatted, with ratings and questions that would lead all participants to answer in a consistent manner. Also, I would need to be notified whenever someone has updated their diary so that i can view their .

I've considered setting up multiple weblogs or a wiki, but I haven't found a good way to manage the multiple users or limit the type of information I want entered. I'm close to just setting up a few crude PHP pages, but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for an existing solution.
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Does it need to be online? Why not just give them a template to fill out each week and have them email you?
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You could always set up drupal to do it. If you're competent enough in php to create a page to get what you want, it should be trivial to modify for example the blog module to deny view access.
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