Auto-indexing files on a hard drive?
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Is there an easy way to automatically generate an MSWord (or text) document that contains the titles and folder structure for all files on a hard drive? In other words, to create an index of a hard drive's contents?

I am trying to create a clean, polished index of everything on a hard drive. The idea is to have a Word document that lists all of the files and includes the folders/subfolders in which they sit (links to the files would be great, but not necessary). This seems like it should be easy to do, but I have not been able to figure out a way. If there is a way to do this without the need to apply any real technical expertise (which I generally lack), all the better.
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the DOS tree command? It only gives folders - I'm not sure if you want files listed or not.
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Just kidding - use the /f flag to list files.
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dir c:\ /s /b > foo.txt
If you want to only include directories, you can use:
dir c:\ /s /b /ad > foo.txt
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dos is so forgotten, yet so powerful
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what you want is:

Start -> run

Type cmd

Browse to the root folder you want to start at. (cd .. takes you up one folder level)

tree /F > tree.txt

Then open that txt file and copy into Word or whatever.
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Another option: Check out Agent Ransack (download for free, Google it).

Ir can do what you want, along with many other powerful features.
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Best answer: Try FolderStyle. It allows you to choose the style of report produced, either a plain text file or HTML files which can include hyperlinks back to the original files.
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You don't need to install FolderStyle, it's a standalone executable. You can also get it from Portable Freeware.
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