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How do I get archived video from ESPN? Alternately, does anybody have a copy of the 8/31/06 Indians at Red Sox game from ESPN? Reward and

A follow-up to this question, I still would really like to get my hands on a copy of this game, specifically the ESPN broadcast. Unfortunately, ESPN refers me to MLB, MLB refers me to the Red Sox, who only have the NESN feed, and so they tell me to contact ESPN.

I downloaded the game from, but it's the NESN feed and does not include my nieces, who were interviewed by some ESPN "guy in the crowd." At this point I'm offering a modest cash reward ($50, negotiable) for anybody who can supply the video, and also for anybody who can refer me to that person. My sister would be thrilled to have this (me too).
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8/31/06 was Blue Jays at Red Sox.
7/31/06 was Indians at Red Sox.

I'm assuming you want the 7/31 Indians game? (great game!)
Unfortunately I can only get the NESN coverage, sorry. You have contacted ESPN directly and explained that MLB can't give you the ESPN coverage?
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Have you tried over at Sons Of Sam Horn at all? Someone over there probably has a library of all Red Sox games of all time or something nutty like that....
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I second SOSH. You can be sure that someone there can hook you up.
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Yeah, I tried contacting people at SoSH but, obviously, membership is off-limits and nobody seems to want to post the message for me. Anybody have a membership?

I meant 7/31. It was a great game.
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