Track my tapes.
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Looking for some suggestions for a computerized tape-library system. If not tapes, a system that we can adapt to keep track of tapes.

I'm looking for either a software based system that's OS X friendly OR some kind of PHP system that can run on an internal apache server, or a shared-hosting account (think Dreamhost).

Ideally, I'm attracted to a system that can live on a webserver somewhere and anyone in the office can access -- but I realize that's a really niche thing and my google skillz haven't found anything that's turnkey.

A software based solution sounds more likely. Bonus points if the library file can be scored on a server and multiple seats of the software can access the database.

Things we need to track: the tape name and number, the job it's associated with, date in/out, and whether it's in or out.

I would love to hear suggestions of systems already in place that people are using. I would also love suggestions if you're using a system to track widgets, that could be adapted to run a small tape library. I also I realize that I could spend a week learning filemaker, or PHP and create something custom -- but it's all about the opportunity cost. Turnkey & tangible, baby.
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You haven't actually said whether you mean backups of the machine to which the library is attached, or something like a library of videotapes...
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Sorry 'bout that: Physical video tapes. Digibeta, Beta, VHS, DVDs, etc...
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FilemakerPro. If you look around you can find some templates out there for what you want and you can customize them. Or you can create your own. It is a pretty easy program to learn but it is also very capable of some advanced stuff.

Databases can also be shared over the web and accessed in any modern browser. Various licensing options are available.
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Second Filemaker pro. I've used it in two instances and it works great, with a little tweaking.

It also has a built in webserver that anyone can access over a company intranet.
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that wouldn't be too hard to whip up using FM or PHP - or even RealBasic or AppleScript. (OS X Tiger does have that built-in SQLite stuff, which you can get to through AppleScript, and then you could build it in AppleScript Studio. you could keep the database file on a network shared drive or something.) have you tried searching freshmeat for library apps? there may be a Web-based customizable one there. (you'll have to weed through code libraries, though.)
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Thanks for the suggestions, but I'm looking for something turnkey here. I agree that I could put something together using Filemaker... but, I don't have the time.

Turnkey suggestions?
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