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Looking high quality puzzle for San Francisco.

I'm looking to get a puzzle of San Francisco for a friend and am asking here because Google doesn't do justice for showing the actual finished quality. Ideally, the puzzle would look nice enough to mount and hang on the wall when completed.
He used to do those uber-difficult ones so difficulty is not an issue.
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Best answer: Here's a difficult one with a lovely image. It's 6000 pieces, 45" x 65". Probably this is the closest to what you were asking for of the three I list.

Here's one of the Golden Gate Bridge. It's 750 pieces, about a foot tall and 3 feet wide.

This one glows in the dark! 1000 pieces, 19" x 27"
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How odd that the image in that first link is horizontally inverted! I wonder if the actual puzzle is printed that way? (Hopefully it's just a mistake on the website.)
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If you're not in a big hurry, you can get a custom jigsaw puzzle made of wood. The finest ones are clear-finished hardwoods, with different species use for features like bodies of water and parks. But most feature a photo that you supply. A google search will find you plenty of sites, some better than others. I like this one, because they'll cut some pieces into relevant shapes -- think bridges, famous buildings, iconic crustaceans, cable cars....
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