Peel-off stretchy glue
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I need to attach a promotional magnet to a paper flyer. I'd like to use that peel-off adhesive often used to attach samples in magazine ads. What is it?

It's stretchy, clear, and doesn't leave sticky residue. I can't find anything like it from the standard office supply vendors, but I know it exists.
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rubber cement?
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Best answer: When I worked for a printing company, it was referred to as -- I swear to god -- snot glue. A Google search brings up a reference to "removable glue dots," which sounds like exactly what you need.
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Best answer: According to my better half, "technically, fugitive glue. colloquially, bugger glue." At Hobby Lobby (where I've seen it sold), they call it "glue dots" -- it is used in scrapbooking.
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On postview, I think that was a typo for "booger glue"
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This to That is your source for everything you want to know (and more!) about glue. Their FAQ says:

I want the glue that's used to hold inserts in magazines
A very cool and specialized glue! It does its job then you can roll it into ball and ... well, have a ball with it. The glue that is used for "tip ins" (magazine jargon) is referred to as a Peel and Stick glue. The company that our magazine specialist uses in Canada is Reichold Chemicals and the product # is 84469. Reichold's phone number is 1-800-711-2405.

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Thirding "glue dots." When we got married about a year and a half ago, we used them (which if memory serves, cost about $4/100) to attach a "Remember the date" refrigerator magnet to the invitation.
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What if you just used magnetic paper? Or, next time, get peel & stick magnets.
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Response by poster: You are all awesome. Glue dots it is, and thanks for the Hobby Lobby tip, adamrice. I so wanted to use the words "snot-like" in my description, but feared it was an association that only I would make.
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