A fun Houston 1st anniversary?
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Fun stuff to do in Houston the weekend of November 18-19?

My wife and I will be celebrating our first anniversary in Houston, TX November 18-19. I already have a place to stay - what are some cool things to do Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday for lunch?

Stuff to do in the afternoon, good places to eat, relaxed places to hang out after dinner (maybe a jazz club or something - I've had enough face-pounding dance music lately), and maybe a good place to grab brunch on Sunday would all be appreciated. Also, if there are any good shows in town, let me know. Thanks!
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The Rothko Chapel
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I'm a big fan of Patrenella's in the Heights (closed Sunday) for great, home-style Italian food.
This time of year is one of your best chances for enjoying good weather -- outdoor options include Hermann Park, Memorial Park (it's especially fun to watch the runners on the track around the park), the Houston Zoo, the Arboretum, and Bayou Bend. Bayou Bend, in particular, is a uniquely Houston attraction. The home of beloved Miss Ima Hogg, philanthropist and patron of the arts, it's furnished just as she left it -- she moved out to an apartment taking only a suitcase full of clothes and personal effects -- and the gardens are remarkable, as well. Even though it's November, it'll still be green and flowering -- one of the best parts of Houston.
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For Info
Houston Chronicle
Houston Press

Menil Collection is awesome.
Flock of Seagulls it playing on the 18th. :)
I would say go see Harry Sheppard but I don't know where he is playing.
Japanese Garden at Hermann Park is nice.

Of course lots of this depends on where you are staying and do you have a car? Houston is the 4th largest city in the US and is very spread out.
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For what it's worth, I have a car, and we're staying at the Westin in the Galleria.
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Since you are staying in the Galleria... You could have brunch at the Grand Lux Cafe. It is right across the street from the Galleria.

I was going to say, Go to Courses at the Art Institute. But it looks like that have changed the days they are open. It was Friday - Sunday but now it is Wednesday - Friday. It is about $40 per person, 5 courses and wine tasting... and they change the menu each week. Very yummy.

Aurora Picture show is pretty cool too.

Someone said the Rothko Chapel... It is right next to the Menil Collection. The grounds around there are quite nice and you could take lunch and eat on lawn.

Cezanne is a good place to find some jazz
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I also recommend checking out the Live Oaks Friends Meetinghouse -- very serene and meditative. But sadly I think they only open the roof on Fridays and for services.
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Houston really does have a lot to offer, and it seems to be undergoing a kind of civic/cultural renaissance. Generally speaking, there's no need to go outside the innermost freeway loop (though you will certainly need a car).

No trip to Houston is worthwhile without a visit to the The Orange Show. It's both an hilarious and moving feat of visionary art-making, and will restore your faith in what one person can accomplish with vision & dedication.

I second the Menil & the Rothko Chapel. Also visit the Byzantine Chapel & the Cy Twombly collection (on the same grounds). Houston does museums and architecture very well.

Lunch, dinner, or Sunday brunch at Baba Yega.

Art Car Museum.

Buffalo Bayou Art Park.

If you go downtown, stop for a glass of beer or wine at La Carafe, the oldest building in Houston, rumored to be haunted (certainly looks & feels like it is).

Check out Hot Town Cool City for more ideas, featured in this Mefi thread.
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The Butterfly Center at the Museum of Natural Science is really, really cool.
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Lots of great stuff on this list already!

If it's a nice day Herman Park is fun to stroll around. Park by the zoo and walk around the reflection pool. On the weekends - it's a people-watching fiesta. You'll see families hanging out, older people doing Tai Chi, kids playing in the fountain, dogs playing in the fountain, couples walking together, people reading books on park benches, ducks.... it's really pleasant... and romantic! The Japanese Garden mentioned above is there too.

treepour mentions Hot Town Cool City which has a nice list of many places and links to their websites. This was mostly compiled by locals who love the city and want others to see why.

Sometimes The Chocolate Bar (1835 W. Alabama) has great jazz for free on Friday and Saturday nights. It's a pretty decadent desert place.

Jazz Houston has live music section that can give you some more info about local places on that weekend.

Another fun outdoorsy thing you could do: Montrose Skate Shop rents skates and is near the Heights which is pretty. It's also near Onion Creek which is a great place to kick back.

Congrats and have fun!
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Seconding Onion Creek, Menil, Rothko — all of which are free. I got married at the Aurora Picture Show so they have my endorsement too. One thing you simply must do before you leave is have a taste of Houston's local brew, St. Arnold's. By next weekend their Christmas Ale should be available.

I live very, very far away from Houston right now but I'll be back home that week too and just thinking about having me some Christmas Ale is making my mouth water right now.
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I know it's a month later, but thanks everyone... I'll have dates for years to come now!
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