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I am in the search of finding free and or cheap things to do in the LA area (Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City, Marina Del Rey Etc)...any ideas? Just something you have found that you really enjoy...
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The Griffith Park observatory just re-opened. I highly recommend that place--and the surrounding environs of the hills are great even apart from the observatory, so you can go any time of day and get a great chunk of nature, just minutes from the big city.

On a completely different note, there is a boardgame group that meets on Thursday nights in Culver City. And it is cool European designer board games, not lame old chestnuts like Yahtzee or Uno.
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Give the observatory some time to settle down again;

Do you have a bike ( L.A. may be a car city inland but it is a really a bike city at the coast ) .. go ride along the beach .. always great especially when the weather is in the 80's and 90'a and now when there are less people about.
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Time Out may have ideas for you. They have a print version too. I know this is a great way to find free events in NYC; may be for LA too.
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I highly recommend the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City. It's quirky and fascinating, and I don't want to give too much away, but go in wearing your Skeptical Pants. It's a $5 donation, not too shabby for an afternoon of amazement, and if you don't have $5, they'll let you in anyhow.
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It's free. It's killer. It's brought grown men and women to their knees. Prepare to meet your Dune.
Then reward yourself at Sloopy's (3416 Highland, 310-545-1373) with a bacon-guac-cheddarburger and a choc-banana milkshake.
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Go to the Venice canals and feed the ducks/geese.

Also waterbirds hang out there and and know that fish like bread. Sometimes if you throw bread into the water, fish swarm to eat the bread and a big waterbird hangs around plucking fish out of the swarm.
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Check out Cheapskatin' LA. Also check out the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Download their outdoor activities brochure for a list of guided hikes & other activities.
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Definitely Griffith Park Observatory -- not for the telescopes or planetarium so much as for the view of the city, around back. On a clear night, this is one of my favorite places in the world. Also fun for fans of "Rebel Without a Cause."

Note that the park gates close at 10PM.
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LACMA is free after 5:00 pm (not counting specially ticketed shows, like the upcoming Magritte exhibition). There's also free jazz on the plaza every Friday night (with a cash bar), and a great (and inexpensive) film series, too.
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I thought the Huntington Gardens were really cool, although you are probably running low on days this year that would be pretty/enjoyable. If you like art there are also galleries on site, including a neat picture of a young George Washington.
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Geocaching. But requires a GPS, which you can get for about 100$ - or borrow one from a friend, or, you might already have one in your cell phone.
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