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My used Honda Odyssey (2005) did not come with a couple of parts, which the dealer has offered to order. However, I'm having trouble getting them to look up the right part number for one piece and would like help finding the right part number to avoid having to go into the dealership just to order the item.

My Googling has so far failed. My eBaying did not even turn up the originals, which I'm sure the skeevy original owner hawked on eBay.

The missing part is the PlusOne seat itself. (It's a removable seat that can hold an 8th person or an additional "console," in case 13 cupholders or whatever are not enough.) I need to replace either the whole seat, or just the leather cushion that you attach to the seat base when you want to use it as a seat. The dealer has already ordered the console -- that's not the part that's still missing.

I can use the car without it but my OCD won't let me rest with pieces missing! And what if I someday make more than 7 friends?

Any help welcome from the Honda experts! Thanks!
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Response by poster: Hey, thanks, jamaro! That's just what I was looking for. I swear I searched before posting.
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