Know any good Greenpeace stories?
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Can anyone point me in the direction of stories involving specific battles of Greenpeace, (and Greenpeace members?) I'm also interested in stories involving Greenpeace splinter groups.

I'm looking specifically for narrative articles (or documentaries or books) about people involved in Greenpeace, or specific crusades undertaken by Greenpeace groups that have a strong storyline (ie a beginning, middle, and possible end.)

For example I just read a fantastic article called "Whale Warriors" about the Sea Shepherd organization that attacks illegal whaling ships. (Greenpeace does NOT support them because it borders on eco-terrorism, but the group was originally an offshoot of Greenpeace.) I'm looking for more stories like this, that are controversial and gripping, with strong characters.

I'm not as interested in articles/books about the basic environmental issues or the history of Greenpeace. I'm looking for specific crusades and crusaders of Greenpeace that are really fascinating and unusual.

Your help is much appreciated!
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I don't know of the specific articles/books/etc. on the subject, but the Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior was a pretty significant Greenpeace-related happening in New Zealand. There are a few books and movies based on the event (one starring Sam Neill and Jon Voight). This may be more of a political thriller, but.
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Not really greenpeace, but an environmental fight is on this dvd. The first segment is about activists at Warner Creek in the Willamette National Forest of Oregon trying to stop old growth logging.
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