Wireless media players that record TV
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I am looking for a Wireless media player that can stream video from my computer to my TV but also record video from my tv to my computer. Does such a device exist?
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Your TV doesn't have an output. Any such device would have to have its own TV tuner/decoder built in.
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Is there any need to have both functions in one device? A Slingbox will provide the video-to-computer functionality, and any number of devices can go the other way.
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No, because its pretty much technically impossible.

You are not going to be able to record video to your computer over wireless, there is not enough bandwidth.

The easiest solution would be to get a TV tuner in your computer and stream to any wireless media player.

Or, if you're wiling to pay for a computer, build a Windows Media Center box. You can stream video to it and you can stream video off of it.
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