Does the Logitech/Slim Devices takeover matter?
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I had made up my mind to purchase a Squeezebox from Slim Devices, but I see that they have been acquired by Logitech. Should this make any difference to my decision in the long or short term? Are Logitech likely to make the server software more proprietary/less open to DIY?
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Best answer: As an open-source contributor to slimserver, I can tell you that the takeover brought me much consternation, but I'm feeling a bit better about it now.

Personally, I think you should go ahead and buy a squeezebox. If Logitech were to close-off the server software (which I'd bet big $$ they won't do), the server code that is already out there is open-source, and that can't be changed. The slimserver development community is quite strong, and no Logitech takeover is going to squelch that.

I get every indication that Logitech wanted to acquire Slimdevices because of the open-source community, not in spite of it. Harmony programmable remote controls were taken over by Logitech in a similar move a ways back, and those remotes by most accounts have only gotten better.

Time will tell, but I don't think you need to hold off on this purchase because of Logitech.
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The server software is open source, licensed under the GPL.
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