Can anyone suggest DC/Baltimore area guitar teachers?
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I am looking for a guitar teacher in either DC or Baltimore. I am at an intermediate level (mostly rock). I used to take lessons but haven't in about 8 years, so I'm rusty. I am looking for someone with an excellent reputation, which I am willing to pay for. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Just last week, I was at a party with a local guitar maker, and I asked him that very question. He didn't have any specific recommendations, but he said the Guitar Center in Dupont would be a good place to look for a teacher. You probably knew that already, though.
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FYI, this is the guy I spoke to. He's a nice guy, and would likely respond to your inquiry, but he'd probably tell you the same thing he told me.
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If you want to study classical guitar (which I recommend because it teaches you to play anything and helps a bit with musical theory) I suggest this guy. He may have a waiting list, but he's very very good.

He's an interesting guy who's involved in many different things which might or might not interest you... but his skill as a guitarist and as a teacher are astounding.
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I do not know if they can help you or not, but you may want to take a look at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore.
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