No lawyer jokes, please...
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What should I be asking and looking for while meeting with potential corporate lawyers and tax people? What should I expect from them during these meetings?

Early stage startup. Not 100% sure if it's going to go forward, or if it's just going to stay an idea, but I want to meet with some law firms and tax firms to have someone lined up if we do decide to do this. I have some firms that have been recommended to me, so I'm not concerned with finding firms to meet with. I assume I just contact the practice lead and ask for a consultation meeting with them (and I assume this occurs without charge?).

What should I be asking them during these meetings? Aside from the basic questions about if they have done this type of work before, and what the past experience has been, what else should I be talking to them about, and what information should I expect them to give me?

Any other tips from folks who have gone thought this?
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(and I assume this occurs without charge?)

How can I NOT make a joke about this? know what they say about assuming. And lawyers.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I know, I know...
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