Help me find fashionable women's winter boots
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Help me find women's winter boots!

Rumor has it that it will be a very snowy winter. I want to avoid what happened to me last year... struggling through the snow it my very impractical heeled boots. There were days when I didn't go to class because I was too afraid of slipping! I had never lived in a cold climate before las year, so I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. I just want them to be nice looking women's boots that will be warm and prevent me from slipping. Hopefully not too expensive, too (below $200 if possible). If it matters, I like round toed shoes. I'm a 20 year old college student living in Manhattan. It would be great if you could post links to boots that I can actually buy. Telling me what to look for in a winter boot would be appreciated as well. Thanks!
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Timberland lets you customize boots, for less than $200. You can get lots of different combinations of colors, and all extremely practical (I've worn men's Timberland boots for years, and I love them). You can even get a monogram on them if you want.

Or, of course, you could buy boots out of their regular catalog, online or at one of their stores.
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I just (literally, two hours ago) went to DSW in Union Square and they have a bunch of boots that would suit your needs for less than $200. Look for something waterproof, with a sole that is like, well, a boot. A hiking boot, preferably. Lots of grooves for traction. I personally prefer boots with fuzzy interiors because they keep my feet really warm and I don't have to wear socks-- shearling, wool, polartek, something like that.
But really, waterproof is the absoutely most important in my opinion-- it's nice to be able to tromp through snow and slush without worrying about cold wet toes.
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I know they're really trendy, but I love my Uggs. You could get a nice pair for your price range and they last forever.
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Nordstrom always has great boots.

I'll second the Uggs, I wore them all through college...
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For city walking, be sure they have support; for slush, be sure they are actually waterproofed. I have a pair from Columbia that I love.
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Mrs. Plinth swears by Zappos. Their return policy is great and their search engine filters really well. I was able to quickly get a list of women's boots that were a specific height, low heel, rounded toe.
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Ulu boots are serious winter boots. Totally waterproof, and the warmest I've ever had (sometimes too warm, to be honest). I have the Okalik. They were somewhere between $100 and $200.

Here are 2 URLs; for some reason I can't post a link right now:
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If you don't care about having the "latest model" you can save tons of cash shopping the Web bargains at They ship cheap and fast and have some awesome deals.
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Perhaps something from Cabelas would fit you?
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Laila Rowe sells printed rain boots that go up all the way to your calves. If they're like the rain boots I have (bought elsewhere), they're big enough that you can tuck your pants all the way into them, they have good treads, and if you buy a size up, you can double up on socks and they stay pretty warm. I'd guess that they're under $50.

Otherwise, I hear Uggs are fantastically warm, but I don't think that they are waterproof.
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Here are some ideas for good winter boots from Zappos (I love Zappos, they have the best customer service ever!):

Sofft Perma - $160.95
Aerosoles Phalty Wire - $124.95
Clarks Melania - $182.95

I am sure if you poke around Zappos, you'll find a pair you love. Their shipping is awesome and you can send them back & forth for free until you get the pair you want.
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Mainer girl here to tell you that L.L.Bean is where it's at, and I'm not talking hunter clunkers but really classy weather-treated leather boots with fleece or Thinsulate lining.

Winter Ridge Boots - $129
Merrell Spire Peak Waterproof Boots - $155

Pull-on Winter Ridge - $109
Snow Mocs - $49 (probably less stylish, but I love mine, so comfy!)

And here is the Cold Weather Boots search page, should you be looking for something different. Bonus with Beans' excellent customer service and great returns policy (handy for ordering online)
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Oh, honey, I feel your pain (and your chilblains). That first winter in cute, cheap boots is indeed a rude awakening.

I'm seconding snickerdoodle's recommendation of La Canadienne. I bought these last year and fell in love. Warm, comfortable, and truly waterproof. Now I've got my eye on these.

You shouldn't have to spend much more than $200 -- but unless you get a great deal on a known brand, it's not worth spending much less. Treat your feet right!
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I agree on the Uggs -- I love my pair. Best part is you don't need socks, which is perfect for going between heels and boots at the office. They keep your feet really warm too.
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Not all of their stock will fit your criteria, but since we're talking about ordering boots online and others may find it serves the plus-calved female community.
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I just bought some Merrells from REI. They're more like a traditional boot, but I like the two colorways and the frog collar-like toggles that are on the sides. Whether you want some more ultra-feminine or not really depends on where you're wearing these and how severe your snow is going to get, I guess.
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I had the hardest time with this last year, so I feel your pain. I ended up getting these from Zappos and they worked well for me last year (of course DC is not incredibly snowy, but my feet stayed dry the few times that it did snow!)
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p.s. to snickerdoodle -- I looked for those merrell spire peak boots EVERYWHERE last year and could not find them. I guess I started boot shopping too early in the year and they were all sold out.
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