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A question about the "Back to the Old School" line of hip-hop compilations published by Castle Music UK.

Castle Music publishes a series of hip-hop compilations entitled "Back to the Old School", and these compilations really don't have an equivalent in the US--two- and three-disc sets, each dedicated to a particular group or artist, with all the tracks remastered and full length, a good mix of essentials and ephemera. I'm having a lot of trouble finding out which artists are featured in this line, though: the two that I've found so far are the two-disc set for the Sugar Hill Gang (which contains the nearly fifteen-minute version of "Rapper's Delight"), and the three-disc set for Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. The box art for the Grandmaster Flash set indicates that there are a total of six releases in this line, but there are only images of the covers, not album titles, and the images are so very, very tiny that I can't clearly make them out.

So if there are six releases in the "Back to the Old School" line, what are the other four, besides the two I mentioned above?
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Discogs.com has fairly extensive list of the releases on this label, but the album titles don't make it clear which are a part of the series and which aren't. For instance, there appears to be two different releases for "Back To The Old School 2:" one for Sugarhill and one for The Sequence.
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