Icon screwup in WinXP?
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When I booted up my WinXP laptop tonight, I noticed that the psds (Photoshop documents) on my desktop all had screwed up icons. In fact, each one had a totally different icon, and none of them were the Photoshop icon! What's the deal? (Screenshot.). The icons for all my other documents (non-psds) are normal.
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uh, is it a preview?
posted by fishfucker at 8:50 PM on January 30, 2004

Response by poster: No. Those images are all photos. They look nothing like the icons. That icon of the little barcode with legs is like nothing I've ever seen before in my life!
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Sometimes icons in windows get corrupted. You can repair them by downloading Tweak UI, where there's an option in the repair section called "rebuild icons."
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Whenever that happened to me, rebooting would fix it. I'm sure you've done that already.

If it still is doing give you random icons on the PSD files, then try right clicking on one of them with the shift key held down and select 'open with' and then select photoshop.exe from the list. [I think that's how it works, I switched to OS X so my XP skills are getting rusty].
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That's your Windows Icon Cache getting pissy. Download TweakUI like kickingtheground suggested.
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