Used cell phones in NYC?
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Brick and mortar store with used cell phones in NYC?

My friend lost her cell phone and needs one relatively soon - there's plenty of outlets on the internet, but the sooner she could get one the better. Is there anywhere she can just walk in and buy one in New York? She uses Cingular, if that matters.
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Stores don't bother with used cell phones because new ones are so cheap, so why should your friend? Is there any particular reason she needs a used phone? She can walk into any of the thousands of cell phone shops all over the city (almost every third block in Manhattan alone, even more in Chinatown) and pick up a basic model (or a fancy one) for about the same price a used one would go for on eBay. craigslist nyc electronics generally has lots of listings for both new and used phones too.
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Seconded. Go on Craigslist, put in the model you want and hit search in the "For Sale" section. You'll find dozens for cheap. I've done this with lost blackberrries. Twice.

Then any Starbucks you meet your seller at is a cell phone store.
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If you go down to Canal street, you can find dudes selling "used" cellphones on the street.
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Yeah those "used" cells down on Canal St probably have blacklisted IMEIs so good luck with those.
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