Internet Explorer / Firefox issues on Windows 2000
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I hang my head in shame as I post this, but here goes: in my zealous effort to eliminate browser helper objects on 2 Windows 2000 Pro Dells in our computer lab, I somehow seem to have eliminated IE and Mozilla's ability to browse, as well. I can ping our webserver so I know they can get online, but I keep getting "unable to resolve this (or any other) web page" errors. Do I now have to reinstall IE or wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows to make this work? Or....
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may be stating the obvious here, but your problem is with dns resolution. if you "dnslookup" (don't have a windows box handy, but i think that's the right command) what do you get? did you alter firewall settings? have you tried looking at a numerical address url in the browser? can you see for example?
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The right command is "nslookup."
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I've sometimes found that going:

IE > Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Setup

And going through the wizard, can help sort this.
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Response by poster: Hey, everyone, thanks for the advice. nslookup showed me local host, which helped me to figure out what the problem really was. I right-clicked on network properties, then on local area connection. In here I found that the 2 computers had lost their primary DNS setting, which I quickly re-entered. Now all is well and I have 2 machines back up and able to go online. AskMe is a wonderful thing!
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