The Dog Ate Superman
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Can you help us find another copy of the Superman Action Figure in this photo and make a little boy very happy?

Its the very favorite toy of a co-workers 22-month old son, and this morning she got home from shopping to discover that their new dog had chewed it up, leaving it in the condition you see in the photo. We're trying to ID it and (hopefully) purchase another one to replace it. She originally bought it at Goodwill, though, so we don't know much about it.....

With the head and feet it was probably about 5-6 inches tall. The cape is a soft rubbery type material that can be easily squished and moved.

Its unmarked except that it says TM&C DC Comics s03 on the back of one leg, and CHINA on the back of the other leg. Also, his costume is a weird silvery-grey color, pretty accurately shown in the photo. Neither his knees or his elbows bend.

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Best answer: It looks close to the Justice League version of the Superman figure. But this one doesn't have black trunks like in the picture. Also this, and this. And the superman mega armor version might have black trunks.
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It's one of the 4 1/2" Justice League Figures (of superman) from the TV show.

I did this Google Search and found Supes in Black.

Poke around the google link (and similarly a yahoo search). What you're looking for specifically is from the Justice League TV show/cartoon.
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Hmm...that looks like the Silver Storm Superman. You can find a bunch on Ebay. They come with an armor plate over the chest, but it looks like it's been taken off in your photo.

Yeah, I have a son. How did you know?
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Response by poster: Hmm...that looks like the Silver Storm Superman.

We thought it was the Silver Storm Superman, too, except that Silver Storm has red trunks and this guy has black trunks, which seems to be the sticking point (and, trust me, this little boy will notice the difference - he's a huge Justice League cartoon fan, at the age of less than two).

I'm hoping to find a photo or info about the Mega Armor version without his armor ... what color are his trunks?
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Whoa, black?? The trunks totally look maroon on my monitor. I'll keep looking.
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Aha Mega Armor does have black trunks - you may be onto something, anastasiav. What's that little rectangular thingamajig that looks like a loincloth in your photo? Because the Mega Armor Superman has that thing too.
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Best answer: If it's the leg to body joint, none of the other grey ones have that same configuration.

I'll stop posting now ;P
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It may help to know that these are referred to as maquettes. There's lots on eBay, but I haven't found one with the black trunks yet.
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We have a friend that goes to hong kong on business a lot, and keeps coming back with knock offs like these.
Sometimes the color combinations can be hilarious.
ie. bright yellow spidermen.

My son is a huge DC/Justice League fan, thanks to much
goading on my part, and I think the child in question wouldn't be too destroyed if a standard store bought replacement were found.
And I would of course would maybe pair it up with a villian, or a batman, out of sheer guilt.
(Or need to buy his love. hmmm.....)

If you want to take a chance...there are some newer figures branded as "DC Superheroes" not justice league,
and the superman figure is really sharp.

Good luck with the search!
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Response by poster: I tend to think right now that FreezBoy put me on the right track, and that its a Superman Mega Armor figure that has lost his armor. I think this is right due to a) the leg/hip joint thing that iconomy noted above and b) the one-fist/one open hand configuration that our figure has, that matches the Mega Armor figure. We've ordered one from eBay cheap ($4 + $4 shipping) and we'll see if it matches.

If anyone has this figure available to compare, or has any other ideas, I'd appricate it....
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Response by poster: Update
FreezBoy wins! Superman Mega Armor arrived today, and once we stripped his armor off he's an exact match to the figure we have. Hurray! And thanks!
posted by anastasiav at 8:11 AM on November 13, 2006

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