Where's the BEST Cycling Information?
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I've seen the well-balanced cycling board, BikeForums.net, and want to know if are there others that also deal with road bikes, fixies, etc. besides the usual mountain bike chatter. What are they? How about the best deals on cycling gear too?
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how about cyclingforums.com?
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Definitely the forums over at RoadBikeReview.com.
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For fixie stuff, Fixed Gear Gallery is a gret site with ample links to other great sites.
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Thre is cyclingforum.com for mostly road bike discussion. Note the singular.

Bikelist.org hosts touring, framebuilders, the crumudgeonly I-bobs, 650B, etc lists.

Cheap stuff: Icycles and Chuck's Bicycle Closeouts.

Don't forget HarrisCyclery/Sheldon Brown for pure info, no discussion. If you need to know what seatpost size an Austro Damilier takes, it's probably there. Have fun.
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Seconding RoadBikeReview. Its sister site mtbr.com (mountain bike review) is also terrific.
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i just bought a sweet fixie off of ebay. brand new, worth almost 800 for the price of 367. put it together yesterday. the seller is great and will custom build the thing for you. link here. she has a wide selection of types and brands and prices of bikes to choose from. i would advise reading about the bikes she has listed at roadbikereview.com, and you will find out how great of deals she has!

i wish y ou luck on your cycling
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QBike is a decent price aggregator, and it also searches ebay links for you, which is handy. I've had good luck with JensonUSA as well, although they lean more towards the mtb end of things.
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