Third Party Mail Rules
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I'm looking for a cheap (free?) web site that will let me set up mail rules for an IMAP account on a different server.

Best of all would be the ability to move messages from one IMAP account to another. I have several email accounts and I access them from work, my PDA, one of several home computers or the library. I always use IMAP.

I'd like to set up mail rules to filter my mail on ALL my accounts and have it happen when my machine(s) are not necessiarily logged in.

Does such a site exist out there?
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One option would be to get something like a Tuffmail account, and bring all your mail there via either forwards or automatic box polling, then server-side filter to your heart's content with Sieve. That'll run you about $20-$50 per year, depending on your needs and how everything is set up.

I really don't understand why people have multiple mail accounts and don't consolidate them. (I don't mean multiple addresses, but multiple places to regularly check their mail.)
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