Chicago auto mechanic?
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Know a good Chicago auto mechanic?

Recommendations and anti-recommendations are equally welcome. Thanks!
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Years ago I used Sun Auto on Clark in Andersonville. They may also go by Star now. Cheap and surprisingly thorough. They resurrected my all but dead 87 Civic hatchback. No idea how they are now though.
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Omar, at O&J Auto on Ravenswood and Devon, has been knowledgeable, reasonably priced, and amazingly honest during the past 11 years. I can't count the times he's made a cheap repair when someone less honorable would have found something more expensive to fix. My '91 Nissa Stanza still runs thanks to him.
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This isn't Chicago proper but my boyfriend and mom are both loyal customers of Duxler, on Green Bay Road, kind of on the Evanston/Wilmette border.
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The Car Talk guys have a database. Try it and see. I've had good experiences, but I'm nowhere near Chicago.
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Just outside of Chicago in Berwyn

Mike and Sons 6333 Ogden Avenue

Honest fast service. Used them for years.
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Stay away from any mechanic going by the first name "Bib".
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I ended up at this place purely by coincidence because it was across the street from my office, but I ended up going there with my car while I had one, no matter where I was in Chicago. They always gave me great deals and they were super friendly. One time my friends new VW Beetle broke down while she was in town visiting. She had it towed to the nearest shop and they told her it would be almost $2000. We had it towed to these guys and it was under $800.

Chicago Auto Center
(312) 648-0632 315 S Green St
Chicago, IL
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The lovely Gapers Block asked this question a while ago and got quite a list - so check this page out for some more recommendations.
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