Where to stay in Amsterdam?
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We have a one day layover in Amsterdam next June and we're trying to choose between the convenience of getting a room near the airport and staying in the city center. Any advice? Also, any specific hotels you'd recommend?

We're flying in on Sunday morning and continuing on Monday late morning. We'll have one rolling suitcase each.

Any issues with luggage on the train? Also, if the train stops running early on Sunday night, then we'll definitely want to stay in the city.

Thanks for your advice.
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The train from Schipol to Amsterdam city centre only takes about 15 minutes, and is direct so no problems there. A taxi would only be about 30 to 40 euros.

I usually stay at The Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, which is right in the middle of the city. It's about a ten minute walk from the train station.

While there are hotels out near the airport, there isn't as much to do and the city is do damn close it would be a shame to spend that long in Holland and not see Amsterdam.

Be safe - petty crime is a problem, but most important of all - have fun!
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Get away from the airport, there's nothing out there. Also, you can get a train from inside the terminal straight to Central Station; it takes about 15 minutes. Plenty of room for luggage. There are loads of places to stay; many are either real expensive, or backpacker level. When my folks came to visit they stayed in the Bridge Hotel and liked it a lot: it's built on a canal, it's peaceful, it's central and it's reasonably priced, and like many Euro hotels you get breakfast for free. You could easily walk it from Centraal, but with luggage it'd probably be a 10euro cab fare.

Amsterdam is dead easy: everyone speaks english and the city is really compact so you can walk most anywhere. Don't stay in the airport.
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Trains are running pretty much throughout the night. Look it up for yourself here.
Fill in 'treinstation' and 'amsterdam centraal' and 'schiphol' respectively.
Despite the language you'll figure it out.

Be careful on the train with your luggage around some of the outer Amsterdam stations (duivendrecht f.i.). Especially at the moment of departure of the train.

(you're planning for June?!? Quite long ahead)
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Don't stay near the airport, come into town.

I love The Grand, but I usually stay at Canal House.) Here is a list of accommodations

Be sure to make time to see the Reichsmuseum if you can. It's one of the finest collections of Old Masters in the world.
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Trains between Schiphol and Amsterdam Centraal run all night, but there's one per hour between about one and six in the morning.
I'd also recommend not staying near the airport, but you should also consider staying in The Hague or Utrecht which are also really close (about 30 minutes by train) and might even be nicer to visit.
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I was in Amsterdam in August... and agree with everyone else. The commute from the airport to the city center is easy and cheap.

I stayed at Hotel Piet Hein which I simply adored. It's a small boutique hotel; beautiful, quiet, and the price was really good (about $90 per night). It's not super close to Centaal Station, but only ten minutes by cab or trolley. It is close to the Van Gogh, Modern Art, and Rijksmuseum, and just off the Leidseplein.
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Never been to Amsterdam, but definitely get out into the city. As a former flight attendantĀ I can attest you can see and do plenty in 24 hours or less even.
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The train's an easy ride. Do note the hourly departures b/w 12:00 and 06:00. I tried to sleep in Schipol and could not find a single comfortable chair. Also, just about everything in the airport is closed between midnight and 6am.
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I recommend both the Krasnapolsky (love everything there, especially the breakfast under the massive greenhouse) and the Barbizon Palace for pure luxury.
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Since everyone else has already established that you should stay in the city, I'll stick to recommending accommodations. It's a budget hotel, but it was clean, and the owners were quite friendly and helpful:

Hotel Aspen

It's very close to Dam Square, so the location is great. My only caution would be that you'll have to climb some very steep stairs to get to your room.

Have fun - and watch out for bikes.
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