Knightmare chess rules, anyone?
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Hey all, first post here, so go easy. Does anyone have a scan or link to the official rules to Knightmare chess, by Steve Jackson games? I'm introducing the people at my new job to the game, and it would be a lot easier if I still had a copy of the ruleset. Unfortunately, while I have all of the cards, I no longer have a copy of the official rules.

The game is out of official development as of 1998, and while there is a FAQ and errata at the official site (, the actual rules are not available.

For those of you who play chess and haven't heard of this variant, you owe it to yourself to check it out. It's a whole new layer of strategy and a little extra randomness. One of the things I like about it is it's a variant I can talk non-chess geeks into playing, because it's fun and the cards are kind of an equalizer. A player that's not overly familiar with chess, but is a good strategizer can pick up the game quickly and apply strategies you never would have thought of. (My girlfriend does this all the time).

Here are a couple of links to the boxes if you're interested in a sample or two.
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Amazon has the second edition in stock, four new copies themselves and sixteen used/new ones from their vendors. Is this not what you're looking for?
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The rules are actually linked on that page at SJ Games:
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Steve Jackson Games Knightmare Chess index (see rules for KC and KC2).
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Response by poster: Well, I figured my first post would end up being a blockhead one. Nice to know I'm right about some things. Thanks guys.
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