Need some NICE pubs/bars in or near Soho, London
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Need some NICE pubs/bars in or near Soho, London, for this Friday/Saturday that aren't too expensive!!

Firstly, the 'not too expensive' part is very important. i.e. anything above something like £3.50 for a single vodka and coke is out the window.

I have a friend staying this weekend and it's likely we will be out and around town Friday and/or Saturday night.

Rather than settling in one place it'd be nicer to visit a number of pubs or bars, all within walking distance of each other, and preferably within or near Soho/Tottenham Court Road/Oxford Street, but the main requisite is that it has a nice atmosphere.

Not too studenty but not too dressy either, so that 3 twenty-something girls can chat and drink and feel comfortable that they're not under/overdressed or feel like they have to dance because of the club-like style of the place. Also no chains like Revolutions or O'Neills - it's just not inspired enough.

Oh and p.s. anything open AFTER 11pm would be fantastic - why does everything in this area seem to close at 11 and send you off to £10-entry clubs??
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Oi! Get yourself to a Sam Smith's pub. There are, like, 4000, in that area. Some of them are 'studenty' but others are quite nice.
There's a list here. I might see you in The Crown on Friday after I see the Guillemots at the Astoria.

Sam Smiths' beer is £1.50/pint. And I think you can get two vodka and cokes with little more than a fiver.

I'd also recommend Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street, near St. Paul's, for amazing atmosphere, but I don't want too many people to know about it. Oops.
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Yeah, randomination was obviously joking that there's a pub called Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street. Doesn't exist. Don't try to go there. Honest. No such pub.

Charlotte Street (the stretch between Howland St and Goodge St) has several nice pubs, then a couple of good bars (eg. Oscar's at the Charlotte Street Hotel) that you can go to when you're drunk enough to have forgotten about the £3.50 thing.

Early in the evening, I like the Cross Keys on Endell St. Later in the evening, too crowded...
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Depends on what sort of thing you like really. There is so much rubbish in that area but there's alot of cool places too. But they normally come with a price.

The Social is pretty cool but does have music on most nights downstairs. Especially Friday's. Ranges from dance and house (not good for chatting, clearly) or more acoustic based artists. Upstairs is very retro and can be very busy. Nice 'tatty' bar though. Back street trendy.

The Phoenix is quite nice too. Although Oxford Circus instead of SOHO. Recently had a refit which means it has nice sofas etc which would probably be perfect if you can get them.

Trouble is anywhere on Friday night is going to be busy if it's worth going to. Try for some other ideas if you fancy but these could be a safe bet.
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My sister and I used to go to The French House, a decade ago anyway it had a good atmosphere (reputedly the French resistance was masterminded from this place) and the prices were the same as anywhere else. Could be worth a try -- truly there is a lot of absolute rubbish in Soho.
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Gordons,Villiers St.
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^^ this
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The Royal George was always reliable when I lived in London - slightly trendy, but mostly very relaxed even on a weekend night - with just enough of the Friday night buzz you're probably looking for. The Spanish Bar just around the corner is cool too - very fusty and un-modern.

Regarding the early closing - I never cracked that one. Brixton has loads of late opening places and people pile into there from town after 11. If you do go to Brixton be careful - it has a great atmosphere but it also has beaucoup de crackheads.
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I downed a few at The White Horse the other day. It's a Sam Smith's pub, and was quite nice, I thought.
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fourth (or whatever) the Sam Smith's chain.
Try the John Snow. It's great.
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