Where/what is this unidentified, extremely mountainous "tourist" trail.
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Where is this "tourists" mountain trail, and where can I see more pics and find out more about it?
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It says it's in Tibet at the bottom of the photos.
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Manakamana, Tibet?
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A link in the comments claims it's actually in China.
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I'll hijack the question and ask, has any Mefi member been there and done this hike? It looks spectacular and spectularly scary! I did the Angel's Landing climb at Zion National Park this past summer and it kinda freaked me out...this looks absolutely insane.
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Best answer: Here's a map that shows Mt. Huashan. Look at all those crazy trails! By clicking on the link for Huangshan Mountain you can see the cable car that may be shown in one of the pictures from the OP.
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Best answer: Or there's this link here - if you scroll down near the bottom, you can see a picture of a blonde lady on the planks.
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For future reference: link to a Metafilter thread that discusses the footpath.
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